Non Status Leasing

Non Status car leasing falls into the following categories

Bad Debt

Non Status, Bad Credit, Adverse Credit

They all amount to the same thing, you may have had credit issues in the past, and need a vehicle and are now concerned that this might not be possible. If you feel that you fall into a category of non status (and in the current economic climate, take a look around - there are plenty of people that do) and you are getting turned down for finance and leasing we can help.

Firstly, and most importantly - if you know that you have issues on your credit file, that would mean that you get declined for finance under normal circumstances, stop applying now. It is important to stop adding searches to your credit file. We know it happens, don't be fooled into thinking that the finance company are going to miss the fact that you have had a CCJ in the past..........they wont, and another search will be on file.

What will happen is that the underwriter will see the application has 10 or 12 declines from other finance companies on it, the most important thing is to stop applying and causing more damage to your credit file.

Speak to us first,  will discuss your circumstances without prejudice. We will discuss what you are trying to achieve and why you might have been declined up until this point.

We can then work through a detailed action plan for how you might go about entering into a contract before even considering proposing you for finance.


Some of our finance partners offer lease agreements to people that may have been refused credit elsewhere - even if your business is established but you are unable to produce any accounts. We may still be able to help. They will also consider applications with County Court Judgements (CCJ's), defaults, arrears or discharged bankruptcies.

Applicants with adverse credit may have to make down payments equivalent to 6 months rental; this is subject to the credit history of the individual or the business applicant.


Our finance partners will require an applicant to meet the following basic criteria, proof of which will be required.


1. Affordability - can you afford the monthly payments;

2. Are you a U.K resident;

3. Are you traceable at your current address? proofs will be required.


Please complete an enquiry form advising which vehicle you are interested in leasing and we will advise you on the options available.