Carbon Footprint


Car Emissions - Assessing your Environmental Impact

There are a couple of ways of establishing the carbon footprint of your vehicles, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from car journeys is directly proportional to the amount of fuel used. The most direct method is to multiply the fuel used by the carbon dioxide factors for each fuel type. You will find that the conversion factors are available from Defra's (the UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) website. The factors for company reporting are published in early July. 

  • Unleaded Petrol      2.1914kg   CO2 per litre
  • Diesel                    2.6024kg   CO2 per litre
  • LPG                      1.50225kg  CO2 per litre

The total volume of each fuel type is multiplied by the factors above and then these sub-totals are added to arrive at the total carbon footprint.

Businesses that are listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange are affected by mandatory reporting, legislation came into force in October 2013, regulations state that all quoted companies are required to report their annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in their directors' report.

Whilst not mandatory other businesses  are measuring their greenhouse gas emissions,


  • SAVE MONEY - Helps you identify which of your business activities use a lot of energy and so helps you reduce energy and resource use.
  • GENERATE NEW BUSINESS - If you reduce your costs you can become more competitive and bring in new customers.
  • MEET THE INFORMATION DEMANDS OF YOUR CUSTOMERS - Helps you to meet customer requests for information on your greenhouse gas emissions. This is becoming an increasingly important element of the procurement process.
  • DO YOUR BIT - Understand the contribution your business is making to climate change and reduce it.