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Catalytic Converter Theft

Information & Prevention

The catalytic converter breaks down the exhaust gases produced by your engine into their harmless component gases, such as nitrogen & oxygen. The converter is usually a large tubular device made of steel, and can be located anywhere along the exhaust system. 


 Catalytic Converters often contain: Platinum, Gold, Rhodium & Palladium

The converter contains rare, precious metals that are vital to their operation. the exhaust gases are converted by exposure to a very thin coating of platinum, palladium and rhodium that lines the interior of the device.

The rising value of these precious metals has led to a dramatic increase in the theft of catalytic-converters from vehicles.  A replacement unit can cost up to £2,000, not to mention the inconvenience and the potential loss of business.

Thieves are crawling under the vehicle and stealing the catalytic converter portion of the exhaust system. If they use a cordless saw, it can be removed in 20 seconds or less. On some vehicle models, a socket wrench gets the job done in a minute or two.

We recommend the fitting of a ArmaCat anti-theft device to your vehicle, which would present a potential thief with a formidable barrier. This device works by encasing the catalytic-converter or DPF in a clamp, manufactured to ISO 9001 and made from 304 grade, brush finish stainless steel for high strength and rust-free durability.  The Armacat makes use of an ultra-strong 8mm diameter 7x9 stainless steel cables with stainless steel eyelets and a high temperature PVC sleeve.


Security is further enhanced by the use of high strength dome head bolts and tamper proof shear nuts.  On some models, an additional manifold security bolt is provided.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The ArmaCat was tested by an International Vehicle Manufacturer not only for good levels of security, but also for the correct levels of heat dissipation!  Cats and DPF's operate at extremely high temperatures and if the heat is not allowed to escape at the designed rate, damage can occur to the Cat.  This product is unique in this respect.

Please see below a list of commercial vehicles the the ArmaCat will fit:

  • Ford Transit
  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Mercedes Vito
  • VW Crafter
  • Iveco Daily
  • Fiat Ducato
  • Peugeot Boxer
  • Citroen Relay
  • Vauxhall Movano
  • LDV Maxus


There are more currently in development.