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Cherished Plates

Number Plate


Using a cherished number plate on a leased vehicle.

The DVLA states that only the registered owner of a vehicle can apply for a licence plate to be transferred, which means that if the vehicle is leased or on HP, it will be the leasing company that needs to apply for the transfer.

There are certain licence plates that can't be transferred; the V5/V5C registration certificate will tell you if the plate is non-transferable - this should be checked before making an application.

There are restrictions on the transfer of registration plates with a year identifier; these restrictions are in place to prevent from vehicles being made to look younger than their year of registration. In simple terms, you can't put a registration that was first issued in say 2006 onto a car which was originally registered in 2004 - although it can be done the other way around.

This ruling does not apply to the transfer of plates without a year identifier. If you have a personal plate such as "REG 1" which is 10 years old there would be no problem in transferring it to a newer vehicle.

If the plate is being transferred from another vehicle, the donor vehicle will be issued with a replacement registration number appropriate to its age; wherever possible the DVLA will try to re-unite the vehicle with the original registration number, it gave up as a result of the previous transfer.

In order to transfer a registration plate you will need to obtain a V317 application form; this can either be obtained from your local licence office or the form can be downloaded from the DVLA website.

The cost of transferring a number plate is currently set at £80.00. This fee needs to accompany the application form.

For more information go to:

"If you are transferring the plate to a leased vehicle, then it would be advisable have a written agreement in place to ensure the plate is returned to you at the end of the lease agreement"