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Fuel Cards

Fuel Cards

Controlling costs is one of the biggest opportunities that a company has to try and reduce outgoings. Fuels costs in particular are one of the few areas were employers can have some degree of control, but there must be sound, manageable systems in place to allow them to do this. These fuel costs can vary tremendously, but are one area in particular which can have a huge negative impact on a business, unless a large degree of control is exercised. The good thing is that this can be done easily and efficiently, using on-line fuel card systems.

Fuel cards allow mangers to keep control of fuel used, as well as offering discounts and probably more importantly, they allow managers to make quick corrections should a problem arise. Once a company signs up for a fuel card; they will then have access to real time management systems. Using chip and pin technology, the card can be monitored whenever it is used and this allows managers to compare journeys and make decisions about fuel consumption and the way drivers determine their routes. Fuel cards also mean reduced administrations costs, as everything is done on line. There are no delays and no lost paperwork and receipts.

Another positive aspect of a fuel card is improved security. Drivers do not have to carry petty cash, therefore theft is reduced and the technology used means that fraud is almost eradicated. All of these reductions in cost can be passed on further down the line. Many of the fuel card suppliers` offer special discounted rates when buying fuel in bulk. They may also reward schemes. Both of these options can mean an overall reduction in outgoings.
Penalties can occur if bills are not paid on time and some card companies request payment in advance. More responsibility is given to the user of the card. Any company considering using a fuel card will also need to consider that there may be a limited number of stations which will take fuel cards; therefore they need to select the card which is going to suit their purposes.

There are two main types of card available. The fixed price fuel card means that the price is fixed, usually on a weekly basis. It means also that wherever you obtain your fuel, assuming it is at one of the participating Network garages, the fuel remains the same price, irrespective of what the pump price is. This can result in a considerable saving, as they are often two to three pence per litre below the fuel price. Most offer a fixed price for diesel; however The Texaco Fastfuel card offers this service for petrol and diesel. The Texaco card has just over sixteen hundred sites. There is no administration charge for the Texaco card. Euroshell have over a thousand sites; Esso almost a thousand sites and Keyfuels over twelve hundred sites. A substantial number of sites offer twenty four hour service, on-line management and 0% APR. All of these systems supply up to the minute management information.

Pump price fuels cards mean you pay pump prices, but allow you a wider choice on where to use your fuel card to keep running costs lower. You can get more information regarding controlling fuel costs for your lorry fleet, at sites such as Business Fuel Cards.

Pump price fuels cards offer both single and multi network options, which in the case of the Euroshell multi network card almost three thousand sites are available and the Esso card; just over two thousand sites may be used