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Vehicle Security

Car Theif

Unfortunately car thieves are getting very smart these days, they use an extremely sophisticated system that enables them to steal your vehicle. The device that they are using is a piece of state of the art equipment that can be purchased on-line.The thief is then able to gain access to the vehicle without even having to break a window or damage the vehicle.

Once inside the vehicle, they use another electronic device to gain access to the on-board diagnostic system (OBD). This manages all key functions including security, by disabling or manipulating the OBD the thief is able to take control and steal the vehicle almost undetected. You can no longer rely on locking and activating the alarm or an immobiliser. To safeguard the vehicle you must now focus on stopping the thief from gaining access to the OBD. By plugging into the OBD socket a thief can re-programme a new key or the transponder chip to start the vehicle.