Grey Fleet

Any vehicle used by an employee to conduct company business is considered to be a 'place of work' - which means the legislation will effect all businesses whose employees drive on behalf of the company.

Employers can be held liable if staff drive their own vehicles on company business and are involved in an accident for which the company or employee are found to have contributed to the accident. If the employee is clearly the innocent party in any incident the police will still check whether the employee and the vehicle have met all legal requirements.

Questions that need to be asked:

  • Is the vehicle safe, roadworthy and legal?
  • When was it last serviced?
  • Does it have, or need an MOT certificate?
  • Is it insured for business use?
  • Does the driver have breakdown cover?
  • Does it convey the right image for your company?
  • How environmentally responsible is it?

We have made available a Grey Fleet Declaration Form which you can get staff to sign, this can be downloaded here.