Fleet Management Solutions You Can Trust

We know the difficulties of managing a fleet of vehicles and drivers.  We know, because that is precisely what we have been doing for more than 15 years.  So whether your job title is Fleet Manager, HR, Finance or Operations, we have the tools, experience and hands-on know-how to support you.


 Car Fleet Management

There is nothing simple about running a fleet of company cars.  Driver Policy, legal requirements, maintaining vehicles and making sure they are fit-for-purpose, easily transferable and cost effective.  Should you offer optional extras?  Seek valuable manufacturer discounts?  Should you reduce your vehicle choice or have multiple grades to suit your business?  Should you lease?  How much BIK are your employees paying?  Are you offering a good enough package to retain your top employees?  

If these are some of the questions you are struggling to answer our free of charge 1 hour fleet review is the place to start.  Book an appointment today!


Manage Your Grey Fleet

Grey fleet vehicles are owned privately by your employees but used within your business.  This could be as part of a car allowance scheme or for occasional use, such as trips to the post office.  But unless these are being checked, how do you know if the vehicles are....

  • legal?
  • roadworthy/safe to drive?
  • suitable to carry any required equipment?
  • suitable to represent your company?

Grey fleet management is an important, but time-consuming job - which is why we offer grey fleet management as one of our services.  


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