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Fuel Card Optimiser


Of the 940,000 company car drivers around 170,000 of these receive free private fuel, as a result this is reported on the employees P11d as fuel benefit-in-kind, every year the cost of providing the private fuel benefit increases. 

Although private-fuel is still a popular historic benefit among employees, it is universally accepted that in most cases (unless you are driving substantial private miles per year) this is a costly benefit for both the employee to receive and the company to provide. As an alternative to the fully-expensed company car, Innovation have developed an employee friendly way for staff to keep their fuel cards but without the high associated costs. 

Their private-fuel solution reduces the cost of providing a fuel card by over £1,500 per driver per annum i.e. over a typical three year lease they can reduce the whole life cost of providing a fully fuelled car by about £4,500.

They work in collaboration with companies to implement their service in a smooth and risk-free way, that ensures the maximum savings for both the company and employees. Today, many of the UK’s and Europe’s best-known companies and over 15,000 of their employees have benefitted from their fuel card planning service and trust their expertise. 

Over a decade of experience and expertise in the delivery of their fuel card planning solutions has meant that they are the UK’s market leader in this field. It speaks volumes that their very first private-fuel client (a £2billion+ international construction company) back in 2008, is still a delighted client today. 

If you have employees who currently have a company car and a fuel card, please contact John Messore at Innovation.

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Fuel Card Optimiser